Welcome Parent(s)

Thank you for choosing Baby Mason. Our Agency is quite different than any other surrogacy or egg donation company. Baby Mason was created by an intended parent who went through several years of trial and error with surrogacy and egg donation.

We would like to make this journey enjoyable, quick and cost efficient for you. The industry is inundated with large companies making a lot of money off of indented parent(s) letdowns. We do things differently: we get paid when you succeed. Simple. The surrogacy costs for mosts agencies are $15-20k up front to work with parents. Some of them only help for 6-12 months and the money is non-refundable.

Baby Mason Fees:

  • $5,000 (US) at start
  • $5,000 (US) at ultrasound confirming baby’s heartbeat
  • $5,000 (US) after baby’s birth

The total $15k needs to be deposited into escrow upon signing of agency agreement. (Additional terms and details regarding rematch, additional cycles and cancelations are available in the agency agreement.)

Surrogacy and egg donation are highly complex and continually changing processes. As your partner, we would guide you side by side by coordinating the following services:

Surrogate selection

  • Search, selection and match
  • Background checks including criminal, credit
  • Drug testing

Egg Donor selection

  • Search, selection and match
  • Anonymous vs. open decision

Medical clinic/doctor

  • Search and selection
  • Success rate research and information
  • Cost analysis and negotiation


  • Surrogate and/or egg donor medical and psychological exams
  • Surrogate and/or egg donor cycles and transfer
  • Medical and psychological testing and exams
  • Surrogate testing laboratory search and selection
  • Surrogate OB Search and selection
  • Surrogate birth hospital search and selection
  • Intended parent(s) insurance guidance post birth


  • Surrogate and/or egg donor cycle medication pricing


  • Surrogate and/or egg donor flight, hotel and per diem
  • Surrogate and/or egg donor international travel chaperone
  • Surrogate and/or egg donor international travel passport and visa
  • Intended parent flight and hotel


  • Financing introductions and options


  • Country by country and state by state law resources
  • Attorney search and selection for intended parent(s)
  • Attorney search and selection for surrogate
  • Surrogacy agreement review and support
  • Egg Donor agreements
  • Pre-Birth order process
  • Birth Certificate details and process

Medical Insurance:

  • Surrogate Medical Insurance search and selection
  • Surrogate pregnancy bill submission and claims
  • Surrogacy exemption and insurance policy

Escrow company

  • Search and selection​