Welcome Egg Donors


  1. $6,500-15,000 Compensation based on experience and donation history.
  2. All travel, hotel and other expenses paid.

Hear it from other donors:

"My egg donation journey went by so quickly! During the cycle I felt amazing knowing that I was helping parents have a child. For my first donation I chose to be anonymous. But, for my next donation I plan on doing an open journey so that I can be accessible to the parents or the child if needed.” – Stephanie, Los Angeles, CA

Welcome to the Baby Mason family! Let’s begin by telling you that you are an amazing person for considering to be an Egg Donor. There is no gift more incredible than helping someone or a family have a child. We all have so much love to give and grow up dreaming of having children. Some, unfortunately, are not able to have children on their own and spend years desperately trying for them.

Single men, women and couples face devastating road blocks constantly in their efforts to have children. Some spend their entire life savings and continue trying year after year. Some have no choice but to give up their dream and live with broken hearts. Others hope to be able to donate eggs from and egg donor like you.

The team at Baby Mason works very hard to make these dreams come true. Our intended parent clients are incredibly loving and caring individuals who are looking for an egg donor match.