Independent vs. Agency

Surrogacy is a complex process with tons of necessary details that need to be in place. Some of these details include lawyers, doctors, clinics, medications, testing, insurance and financial. At the same time having a baby can make parents and surrogates very emotional. Our job is to make sure that all of the details are fully taken care of and that you are 100% happy and comfortable. This allows you to relax, have a smooth pregnancy and even enjoy getting to know the parent if you like. Surrogates who decide to work with parents directly (without an agency) have had terrible experiences such as:

  • Parents ran out of money when surrogate was 7 months pregnant
  • When the child was born parents changed their mind
  • Parents starting demanding unreasonable requests during surrogacy

The Baby Mason team will ensure that negative situations are avoided and that all of your needs are met. Surrogacy is a beautiful and very fulfilling journey; we are here to make sure that you absolutely love it!