Baby Mason will create a customized plan for each parent(s) based on their needs. For parent(s) needing a surrogate and an egg donor the steps are as follows:

Before Pregnancy:

  • Free consultation via Skype or telephone with Baby Mason to explain the process, answer all questions
  • Fill out online parent registration form
  • Sign agreement and deposit first installment
  • We will immediately begin custom search for a surrogate and/or egg donor match
  • Skype or in personal meeting with surrogate
  • Surrogate and Egg Donor match
  • Doctor/clinic selection
  • Surrogacy attorney selection
  • Surrogate and Egg donor Exams
  • Surrogate and Egg donor cycles
  • Egg retrieval, insemination and blastocyst
  • PGS/PGD testing and Gender selection (if selected)
  • Embryo transfer
  • 5 day and 12 day blood test: POSITIVE PREGNANCY!

After Pregnancy:

  • First ultrasound and baby heart beat
  • OB Visits and testing
  • Second ultrasound
  • Insurance claims and submission
  • Pre-Birth order court submission
  • Hospital preparation
  • 3D/4D-HD Ultrasound
  • Babies Birth
  • Birth certificates
  • Social security card (passport for international)
  • Take your beautiful baby home!