Finding a Surrogate

Finding the perfect surrogate:

Finding the perfect surrogate for you journey is tremendously important to your success and the health of the baby. Most other agencies have rarely been in the indented parent(s) seat and often are prior surrogate mothers. Baby Mason takes great pride in starting out as a parent in desperate need for a child.

Through background and medical testing:

During the selection process we will assist you in asking all of the right questions to ensure there are no surprised during the journey. All of our gestational surrogates undergo a through national and state criminal, DMV and financial background check. Also, we conduct a 10-panel drug test to ensure there are no drug risks. Additionally they undergo a through third party psychological screening, medical examination and blood testing. We will not allow any surrogate to enter into a surrogacy agreement with you until she has successfully passed all of the above and has been medically cleared by your IVF doctor.

Preference and terms:

Every surrogate has very different preferences and requirements, as do you. We ensure that all of these discussions are conducted prior to signing the agreement and make sure that the agreement details the terms agreed upon by both of you. Some of these important issues include:

  • Number of embryos to transfer
  • Number of cycles they are willing to do
  • Reduction of multiples
  • Termination of fetus
  • Surrogate diet during pregnancy
  • Surrogate lifestyle during pregnancy
  • Parent(s) attending doctor’s visits
  • Vaginal or C-Section
  • Parent(s) in the delivery room
  • Contact with surrogate after birth

The process is not simple, but we will make sure it is seamless and enjoyable for you. This way you can enjoy the pregnancy and prepare for your new beautiful baby.