About US

Our Agency’s founder grew up dreaming of having a family and caring for his own children. Like many other hard working individuals he climbed the corporate latter and hoped to create a family. As a single man at the age of 40, he finally felt confident that he would be able to provide for and raise a child on his own. His initial desire was to adopt or foster a child to help someone in need. Quickly he realized that as a single man none of the agencies were willing to help him.

Due to this, he decided to have a child via surrogacy and egg donation. His journey took him internationally as well as within the US; independently as well as with an agency. He was initially quoted $100,000 (US) for the process. After three years, 3 surrogates, 2 agencies, 3 egg donors, 6 attorney’s, 4 insurance companies, 3 escrow companies and more than $250,000.00 (US) in expenses, he decided to take things into his own hands. Based on all of the knowledge he learned, he came up with the money to do one last cycle. He was able to maximize his chances by selecting the right egg donor and surrogate.

His surrogate became pregnant during this last transfer and his life was forever changed with the beautiful Baby Mason. The journey changed him forever. He did not want to see anyone else go through what he went through. So, he created Baby Mason Surrogacy & Egg Donation to help others achieve their dreams of having a family.